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17 Dec

6 Important Benefits of MMA Training

Are some of your colleagues into martial arts like Brazilian jiu-jitsu and kickboxing? Are you contemplating to join them, but unsure why you should enroll in mixed martial arts classes? For sure, you will be able to shed a lot of extra pounds when you enroll in kickboxing classes or karate classes. Martial arts training can provide you a great
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11 Dec

Fitness Exercises Guaranteed to Help You Lose Weight Fast

  Does something like this sound familiar?  Your best friend’s wedding is scheduled about a month from now, and you can’t still fit in the gown you will wear for the occasion. You’re pressured to lose a couple of pounds or else, you’ll need to buy a new gown. You’ve tried all sorts of diet programs but none of them
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02 Dec

What are the Best Fitness Trackers Today?

Have you heard of fitness trackers? If not, then you’re missing out on a lot of fun. Fitness trackers can help you lose weight fast, aside from performing other functions like sleep monitoring and heart rate monitoring. Fitness trackers are like high-tech pedometers. These mobile devices can keep track of your steps and estimate the number of calories you’ve burned
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24 Nov

Secrets To Eating Healthy During The Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to bond with your friends, family members, and loved ones. It is also the right time to enjoy your favorite foods. But for most people, the holidays are also the most dreaded time of the year as they usually gain a few pounds with all the feasts they have
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17 Nov

How To Choose A Personal Trainer That Will Get Results

Who would not love to perform a challenging work out session under the watchful eyes of a personal trainer that could work wonders for your body? Indulging in an innovative exercising routine crafted by an experienced trainer can undoubtedly bring you to a different level altogether. Even research, carried out over the years has given its nod to the myriad
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14 Nov

The all time controversy–diet vs. exercise

In the perfect world, anyone could exercise, eat right and stay healthy forever. But, things are not always perfect in this imperfect world. So what matters most for staying healthy, losing weight or embracing fitness? The all time favorite controversy is between diet and exercises. Get ready as we dive into the deep end of some useful facts and try
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07 Nov

Benefits of our Boxing Class

The Benefits Of Our Boxing Class The boxing classes are extremely informative, hands-on, fun, and upbeat. They are open to men, women and children ages 6 and older. Our boxing classes include a workout we devise to fit the needs and goals you have in mind. You’ll gain the following with each boxing class: Increased overall health Confidence & Self
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31 Oct

Best Body Weight Exercises

Ok we all know about the standard pushups and situps as the staple exercises to get in shape and build muscle strength. Why stop there when there are so many other great exercises that utilize your own body weight to build your core, increase your fitness levels and build muscles. Here are some of our favorites that you should think
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